L-R: JV Miller, CJ MIller and Shane Miller

J.V. Miller on Sky Sports

J.V. Miller on Fox Sports Live

 J.V. and Jack Binion, founder and Chairman of

Binion Horseshoe Hotels and Casinos worldwide. 

OLD VEGAS:  J.R. Miller and legendary Las Vegas sports bettor Jack Painter

OLD VEGAS: J.R. with Howard Schwartz of Gamblers Book Club

         J.R. and R.J. MIller

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J.R. Miller interviewed by KTNV, Las Vegas

ProfessionalGambler.com was named the “best all-‘round handicappers on the planet” by the DAILY SPREAD.  Professional Gambler Newsletter bested 135 other top handicappers in the Ultimate Handicapper's Challenge. In the Orleans/Barbary Coast/Gold Coast PICK THE PROS $30,000 NFL weekly handicapping contest, PGN picked EVERY weekend winner of EVERY NFL game FOUR times! PGN’s record against NBA pointspreads and totals was #1 in the ALZHEIMERS' AWARENESS BASKETBALL CHALLENGE (60% against NBA pointspreads & totals). J.V. Miller’s work has been applauded by such respected Las Vegas insiders as Sonny Reizner, Lem Banker, Howard Schwartz, Bob McCune, Peter Ruchman, Donald Currier, Jack Painter, Mort Olshan, Buzz Daley, Heath Boutwell, Marty Mendelsohn, and many others. (Check our Endorsements!). 

J.V. (left), C.J. (R.J.'s son) (middle), S.K. (Brenda's son)

For the Miller family,
sports betting is a family affair.

J.V. Miller

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J. V. Miller

J.V. Miller is publisher of ProfessionalGambler.com, and is widely recognized as one of the top sports handicappers in the world.  J.V. is featured regularly as a handicapping expert on television, radio, and in newspapers, newsletters and magazines.  Miller's work has been recognized by  the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Kansas City Star, Pittsburgh City Paper, and more.                                                                                                      

J.V. is the son of world-renown sports bettor and author, J.R. Miller.  J.R. Miller's first how-to writings appeared in the original Gambling Times magazine in the early 1980's.  He helped write and produce the TV special GAMBLING IN AMERICA and HIGH ROLLERS LAS VEGAS for A&E TV Network, and he’s served as a consultant for several other TV shows about Las Vegas and gambling, including HIGH ROLLERS' LAS VEGAS. He's been a columnist for CASINO magazine, LAS VEGAS SPORTS & GAMING, GAMING SOUTH magazine, WINNER'S EDGE, PLAYER'S CHOICE, and several other respected publications.  His book How Professional Gamblers Beat The Pro Football Pointspread, is endorsed by the most respected names in the gaming industry. It's the only book of its kind recommended to libraries as CORE READING MATERIAL by Jack Short, past president, AMERICAN LIBRARY TRUSTEE ASSOCIATION.