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Award-Winning Articles



Could YOU Be a Professional Gambler?

The main difference between pros and non-pros is…


Winning Percentages

Get an inside look at the winning percentages of professional handicappers.


Sports Betting as a Business

If you’ve got what it takes, it’s the best job in the world


A Crash Course in Vigorish

Who pays how much? It’s not who you think and it’s not 4.55%


How to Make Money Betting NFL Football

Spot elusive but profitable scenarios.


Best Way to Gamble

Once you understand how sports betting works, it's obvious you can win. The best way to gamble is…


How to Spot Winning Bettors 
Mark Twain said, "It ain't what we know that hurts us; it's that we know so much that ain't true." Losers know a lot that ain't true.


A Good Handicapper...Broke
            It's not enough to pick winners...

there’s a lot more to learn.


Binomial Distribution & You
Gonna use a "1-star, 2-star, 3-star"

betting system? Or the "Kelly criterion?"

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